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Our Story

The Soul Panthers is a newly formed Soul and R&B cover band, unique because of their all-female line-up on vocals as well as instrumentals. 

One moment the panthers will touch your heart with powerful ballads, and the next they will move your feet with energetic dance classics. 

Besides ‘The Soul Panthers’ as a catchy name, it also has a deeper meaning. The name ‘panthers’ has often been associated in the past with people who demand freedom and equality. Feel the joy and happiness of free souls within their music that has no boundaries. 


Their repertoire includes songs by artists such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Prince, Alicia Keys, The Pointer Sisters, Tina Turner and many more great Soul and R&B musicians. 

With their dazzling stage presence and outstanding interpretation of soul music, the lovely ladies of The Soul Panthers captivate audiences every time with their one of a kind experience. 


For the possibilities and prices please get in touch. 


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